Projects & Challenges

The 2020 Project  

Libby Schoenewolf is hoping a group will be interested in representing RRQ.  She thinks we might buy the fabrics and ribbons as a group.  Perhaps read a biography of Anthony, Mott, Stanton or other prominent suffragettes, including Frederick Douglass.  Sign-up at meetings or contact Libby, if interested.   Look for all the requirements/details at  

Vew & Print Three-Step Project Instructions

Project Deadline June 2019

The 2020 Project: Honoring the Suffragettes and the 19th Amendment

Quilter and other craftspeople are invited to contribute a 20″ x 20″ block to a quilt that will celebrate the Centennial Anniversary of the 19th Amendment to the Constitution. The Amendment, granting women the right to vote, was adopted in 1920. It is anticipated that the quilt will be displayed in community centers, libraries, schools and other public spaces, similarly to the AIDS quilt.

Finished blocks, tied together with ribbons, will feature a design that represents a person, place or event related to the suffrage movement, or an issue of “Unfinished Business” from 1848 Declaration of Sentiments. This seems like a perfect opportunity to honor our foremothers’ sacrifices to ensure equal rights for women. 

See the Susan B. Anthony – 2020 Project website for details and explicit directions for construction of a block, or purchase a kit online. The wording of the 1848 Declaration parallels, in part, the U.S. Declatatoin of Independence and lists legal regstrictions on women’s indepdendence, so it makes for interesting reading. 

At the January 2019 general meeting, program chair, Regina Hyatt forecasted a year of challenges for 2019! Come back to this page for more information.