Dolly Quilts

Thank You, Thank You, Thank You

What an overwhelming response for the Dolly Quilt Program!  Members turned in 50 dolly quilts at the Harvest Luncheon!!  Added to the quilts we previously collected, we should have enough dolly quilts for this year. 

The dolly quilts will be donated to the Keyport Senior Center for their reading program.  Throughout the school year, the seniors read to pre-school children to give them a head start when they reach kindergarten.  At the end of year graduation program, each child receives a teddy bear and a dolly quilt.

You guys are so generous, I really appreciate it.  It is a great way to give the kids encouragement and a head start on their reading adventures.

Thanks so much! 

Mary G.


Dolly quilts are adorable small quilts donated to children. This year 60 dolly quilts were gifted to The Keyport Senior Center. The seniors will pair the quilt with a Teddy Bear and are given to their ‘grand-friends’ preschoolers.  Contact Mary at