Why I Joined Rebecca’s Reel Quilters

by Regina Hyatt

In my fifties, I became so sick that my doctor refused to allow me to return to work.  Suddenly I was at home, all day, alone, years before my planned retirement of 70.   In the beginning, I was too ill to think of anything more than getting better. Thankfully, slowly, I improved, and I began to miss the interactions of others.  In other words, I found myself lonely.

Now, that’s not to say I didn’t have a husband and family and friends, because I do.  But no one shared my love of sewing.  While raising a family and working, I had forgotten how much I loved sewing. Now my thoughts were filled with fabric and colors and patterns.  In my dreams, I was that little girl again, envisioning the doll clothes I would make for my Barbie.  My friends and family patiently listened to me talk about fabric. They would even interject words to show they hadn’t died of boredom.  It is said that when a student is ready, a teacher will appear. Fortuitously, I found Rebecca’s Reel Quilters.

Suddenly, I had 80 new friends who loved fabric and colors and patterns as much as me.  Attending a meeting, I heard interesting topics from the speakers and was inspired by other members’ work at Show and Tell.  I came to an Open Sew on Wednesday and was met with smiling faces that greeted and welcomed me.

There is a core group of ladies, ranging in age from 40’s to 80’s, at Open Sew, and newcomers come in and are always welcomed. In this wonderful group, there is a generous sharing of quilting knowledge.  It reminds me of the old TV show “Cheers” where everybody knows your name, and they’re awfully glad you came.