Facing the Ribbon Challenge

Maryann Devine, RRQ Member writes:

For those of you participating in the Ribbon Challenge, the quilts need to have a facing rather than a binding.  Collette Morris was kind enough to demonstrate how this is done at the August meeting with samples at each step shown at the right.


Step 1 is to make a normal 2 ½ binding strip long enough for the two sides.  Iron and fold in half and sew on two opposite sides as you would for a normal binding.

Ribbon Challenge

Step 2 is to use matching thread to topstitch the facing down.  The picture shows the topstitching in a darker color for visibility.

Ribbon Challenge

Step 3 is to fold the entire binding to the back.  In the picture the pins show how it will be positioned.  Note the topstitching line rolls to the back side.

Ribbon Challenge

Step 4 is to hand stitch the binding to the back (again shown in darker thread).

Ribbon Challenge

Step 5 is to make binding for the remaining two sides – 1 ½ inches longer than the side.  Again, sew it on and topstitch as before.  Tuck in ¾ inch at each edge (sorry this is not shown well in the picture). 

Ribbon Challenge

Step 6 is to make a sleeve for hanging.  Cut fabric 8 ½ to 9 inches wide.    Finish edges and fold in half.  Position on back so it will catch under top binding when it is folded down.

Step  7 is to fold the top binding down and hand stitch in place.

Step 8 is to stitch side edges of sleeve down.

When finished there should be no binding visible on the front, only the facing on the back. Happy sewing!